Why does the grinding wheel need to be dynamically balanced?

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Why does the grinding wheel need to be dynamically balanced?

The structure of the grinding wheel is composed of a large number of unevenly distributed particles, and the inherent instability is inevitable, which will inevitably cause a certain degree of eccentric vibration.

The eccentricity of the grinding wheel installation, the uneven thickness of the grinding wheel, the imbalance of the spindle bearing, and the adsorption of the grinding wheel to the coolant will increase the vibration.

This vibration not only affects the quality of CNC grinding machine processing, but also continues to reduce the service life of the spindle bearing and the service life of the grinding wheel of the CNC grinder,

Increase the frequency of grinding wheel adjustment and repair the consumption of diamond.

As we all know, the grinding wheel is a necessary tool for CNC grinding machines. If you want the grinding wheel to grind a smooth surface of accurate size, you need to avoid the vibration generated during the grinding process.

The dynamic balancing machine of the grinding wheel can solve the dynamic balancing of grinding wheels, grinding wheels, etc.

1. It can extend the service life of the traditional grinding wheel and diamond grinding wheel assembly.

2. It can extend the service life of the workpiece being ground, reduce the condition of grinding burns and cracks, and control its low-frequency working noise.

3. It can ensure the service life of the grinder spindle and bearings, extend the maintenance interval of the grinder, and reduce the maintenance cost of the grinder.

4. Improve the grinding accuracy, stability and batch consistency (CP value).