Broad prospects and excellent performance of diamond grinding wheels

Friction and wear make abrasive grains dull and smooth. The wear mechanism of diamond grinding wheel roughly includes: friction wear, abrasive particle crushing, bond crushing, abrasive particle wear, surface fatigue and impact, etc. The crushing of the binder makes the abrasive grains fall off, and the wear of the abrasive grains reduces the strength of the binder, and the abrasive grains fall off. The wear of the vitrified bond grinding wheel is mainly the brittle fracture of the bond, while the wear of the metal and resin bond grinding wheel is mainly the wear and tear. By cutting granite with a diamond saw blade, it is pointed out that there are four main wear mechanisms of the tool: friction wear, abrasive wear, surface fatigue and impact.

Hard and brittle materials such as laser and infrared optical crystals, ceramics, quartz glass, silicon crystals and stone are increasingly used. In view of the high hardness and brittleness of hard and brittle materials, the wear mechanism of diamond grinding wheel in machining hard and brittle materials is analyzed. With the advancement of science and technology and the development of modern industry. Its physical and mechanical properties, especially toughness and strength, are very different from those of metal materials, and it is difficult or even impossible to process these materials with ordinary processing methods.

Its excellent properties make it have broad prospects in the field of hard and brittle materials processing. At present, diamond is a high hardness material known in nature. The processing method of cutting and grinding hard and brittle materials with diamond tools, such as cutting stone with diamond tools, grinding ceramics with diamond grinding wheels, etc.

Although the application scope and processing characteristics of various tools are different, the diamond tools for processing hard and brittle materials mainly include various diamond saws and diamond grinding wheels. But the wear mechanism is about the same. Because the wear of the diamond tool has a great influence on the machining quality and process of the workpiece, the wear performance of the tool is an important indicator to reflect whether the tool performance and process parameters are reasonable. Therefore, the research on the wear mechanism of diamond tools is of great significance to guide the rationality of diamond tools and the rational selection of manufacturing process parameters.

Many scholars at home and abroad have been devoted to the research on the wear mechanism of diamond tools. and achieved gratifying results. The three stages of wear, the wear of diamond grinding wheels consists of three stages: an initial rapid wear stage (also known as a transition stage), a stable wear stage with a constant wear rate, and a subsequent accelerated wear stage. The accelerated wear phase indicates that the tool cannot continue to work and needs to be repaired.

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Post time: Sep-27-2022

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