Cutter wheel

Grinding wheel: Size: 100*20*16100*30*16

Material: CBN log saw blade after equipped with the grinding wheel produced by the company, it can reach higher precision.

Therefore, after cutting, the paper roll is free of the rough edges, scars and black phenomenon. supplies blades for the following

industries: Printing Metallurgical Forestry Bending Plastic Food Packaging Industrial Paper-Making Customized blades Application

SLL blades can be used for the cutting: Paper Forestry Slicing Pipe Plastic Printing Rubber Sign Making Cigarette.

MetallurgyBagCartonMaterial Our broad choice of materials available: High Carbon Steel Stainless Steel High Speed Steel Tool Steel Special Alloy Tungsten Carbide Diamond Metal-bonding Resing-bonding CBN

SLL blades characteristics:

1. Application: For cutting Wood, plastics, rubber, paper, food, leather, electronics, fabrics, etc.

2. For grooving and cutting with less procedure

3. Ultra-thin, High precision, Super hardness

4. Finishing(coating): Customized(TiN/TiC/TiCN/TiAN/CrN)

5. Edge trimming: Numerical control grinding

6. Thickness range: 0.1mm~6.0mm

7. Precision: ± 0.02mm

8. Hardness: HRC40~68 degree

9. Sharpness: 18N~30N

10. Any shape and size is available There is no single perfect material.

Many factors are involved in selecting exactly the right material to match your cutting application.

Skill and experience are necessary to know what material best suits you for your application,

environment, process, etc. The products sells well both in China and abroad, such as HongKong, Europe,

America, and Southeast Asia etc., is a famous specialized backbone enterprise to produce equipments

of paper-making in China. The company has strong technical forces, advanced technology and complete variety.

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Aim of the company: “Market is like battlefield, and we will cherish every order from you. “

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