Factors affecting the service life of carbide saw blades

1. The manufacturing process affects the service life of the saw blade

During the production process of carbide saw blades, if the requirements are not met or the proportion of the corresponding material is reduced, the saw blade will be unstable, such as chipping, sticking or cracking.saw blade picture

1. Sawtooth

Carbide saw blades usually consist of two parts: saw teeth and a base (blade plate). The saw teeth are completely made of carbide. If the proportion of alloy materials is reduced in order to reduce costs, it will cause the saw teeth to be inconsistent. Durable or chipped.

2. Base body

It is what we often call the blade. The main function of this part is stability. If it is not made according to the requirements, the result will be that the carbide saw blade is unstable, deformed or bent during use.

3. Inlay welding technology

Inlaid welding refers to the connection technology between the saw teeth and the base body. Because it is not a whole and must be welded, the inlaid welding technology is very important. If the inlaid welding is not done well, it will easily cause tooth detachment.

The above three points are some of the most common problems on the market. There are also some examples: the angle of the saw teeth, including rake angle, relief angle, side angle, secondary side angle, edge inclination angle, etc., and the accuracy of the saw blade. The higher the accuracy, the better the use. Longer life, reasonable rotation speed and feed speed, cooling and heat dissipation conditions when using the saw blade, etc.

2. The service life of the saw blade will also be affected when the carbide saw blade is used.

When the saw blade is cutting materials, we must first confirm whether the saw blade corresponds to the material being cut or the equipment used, such as diameter, hole diameter, number of teeth, tooth pitch, etc. If the number of teeth is too dense, it will increase viscosity or loss. If it is too large, it will cause symptoms such as obvious lines.

1. Before use, make sure that the model and specifications of the saw blade are suitable for use.

2. Carbide saw blades must be checked carefully during installation. It is best to run them dry for a few minutes to see if they are normal.

3. The saw blade needs to be cleaned before and after work, which can increase the vitality of the saw blade and extend its service life.

4. Do not change the parameters of the equipment without authorization, as this may easily cause damage to the carbide saw blade.

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