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Based in West Beefleet, Surrey, T&G Engineering has a long history of using Studer grinding technology. Its latest S31 universal cylindrical grinder features the United Grinding Customer Oriented Revolution (CORE) control system designed for a smarter work environment. PES Find out more.
With the growing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industry and the emergence of smart factories, potential machine tool buyers are increasingly seeking advanced manufacturing aids with so-called smart controls and enhanced connectivity.
T&G Engineering is one such company. In line with its corporate policy to remain at the forefront of machine tool development and implement state-of-the-art data processing systems, T&G recently installed the first Studer S31 Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine sold in the UK, equipped with the latest United Grinding CORE system powered by a Studer dealer. Advanced grinding accessories.
Founded in 1975, T&G Engineering is one of Europe’s leading precision machining subcontractors. Currently exporting over 50% of its products, the company serves a global customer base in demanding sectors such as aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, canning and specialty machinery.
Explaining the reasons for purchasing the Swiss-made Studer S31, Tony Smith, director of T&G Engineering, said: “Our highly skilled employees have access to a range of state-of-the-art machines and systems to efficiently manufacture complex components in an extremely efficient manner. Hard tolerances.
“Our extensive factory inventory and in-house knowledge means that our customers see us as a one-stop supplier for their precision machining needs, allowing us to penetrate many technically demanding market segments. T&G’s areas of expertise include the subcontracting of complex parts and assemblies for demanding applications in harsh conditions.
“We have a wide range of in-house grinding equipment, and when the highest levels of precision and surface finish are required, we use our Studer range of general purpose CNC grinders,” he adds. “Our first Studer machine was installed over 20 years ago and worked very well, since then we have added several other Studer grinders, all of which meet the highest demands. In addition to the size we demanded. In addition to the level of precision and workmanship surfaces, the machines are extremely efficient and proven to be reliable.”
“Due to the increasing amount of high precision cylindrical grinding work we need to do, we ordered our newly installed S31 Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine. As before, we contacted the Managing Director of Advanced Grinding Supplies before purchasing the newest Studer. , Peter Harding, and thanks to this collaboration we have chosen new Studer machines that meet our exacting requirements.
“In line with our policy of ordering machines with the latest technology to increase levels of efficiency, the new grinder uses the United Grinding CORE operating system. It is now integrated into our own digital communications and production systems, further increasing the level of programming and grinding efficiency.”
Thanks to the unified CORE software architecture, data exchange between all United Grinding machines is now effortless. The integrated system’s Universal Machine Technology Interface (umati) can also be used to communicate with third-party systems and provide access to United Grinding Digital Solutions products directly on the machine without installing additional hardware.
CORE not only lays the technical foundation for these benefits and other IoT and data applications, but also forms the basis of a very powerful standardized operating system.
The CORE panel is logically designed and uses clear icons to allow the operator to intuitively navigate the machine menus and process steps. Instead of buttons, the user is provided with a modern, clearly arranged multi-touch display.
Operators can customize their own interface to suit individual requirements, so each customized interface is automatically loaded after an operator logs in with a personalized RFID chip. Further improving the ease of use, the production process and the condition of the machine are clearly visible from a distance.
CORE’s standardized and intuitive operating concept reduces training time. A customizable role-playing interface helps prevent errors and improves programming efficiency and quality, while sharing information can be simple and real-time via the built-in front camera and Bluetooth headset.
T&G Engineering’s latest acquisition, the Studer S31, can accommodate parts with center distances up to 1000mm. The two spindles for external and internal grinding of the high-precision machine enable efficient external and internal grinding, such as high-speed profile grinding and thread grinding.
The high frequency dressing spindle can effectively dress the latest CBN and diamond superabrasive materials. In addition, the high-resolution infinitely rotating B1 axis allows the grinding head to be positioned at any angle with a resolution of 0.00005°.
The S31 is based on Granitan S103 mineral casting. The excellent shock absorption of the machine base ensures excellent surface finish on the workpiece. In addition, temporary temperature fluctuations are compensated by the excellent thermal performance of Granitan S103.
From small to large workpieces, from single parts to high-volume production tasks, the S31 universal cylindrical grinder can handle the toughest jobs. Thanks to the modular and upgradable system, the machine can be customized according to individual requirements, and the use of high-speed machining (HSM) ensures efficient and high-precision form grinding.
S31 can choose center distance 400/650/1000/1600mm, center height 175mm and grinding wheel diameter 500mm. The machine has a turret with an infinitely variable B-axis or a B-axis with a 1° ring gear.
Inverter motor spindles are used for external and internal grinding, and the C-axis of the machine table ensures accurate thread forming and grinding. In addition, double T-slots are built into the tool table of the machine to accommodate dressing units.
Through close interaction between machine hardware and software, including the use of the latest CORE system, the S31 achieves the highest standards of precision. StuderPictogramming makes programming very easy, and the use of Studer QuickSet greatly reduces set-up and reset times.
Peter Harding concludes: “All of us at Advanced Grinding Supplies are proud to have worked closely with T&G Engineering over the years. Understanding the complexity and demands of the parts to be ground, we were able to configure the company’s new Studer S31 for these demanding requirements.
“Because Advanced Grinding Supplies offers a full range of grinding services, we offer similar quality products in addition to grinding wheels, dressers and other consumables for existing T&G Studer machines that will keep the company’s new Studer S31 in top condition.”

Post time: Mar-13-2023

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