Stainless steel groove grinding wheel for medical orthopedic tools improves the processing efficiency and durability of grinding wheel

In medical orthopedic tool materials, stainless steel tools occupy a large part. The grinding problem of stainless steel tools is placed in front of the processor. Tool slotting is the process with the largest processing volume and the most labor-intensive process. To solve the above problems, we Specially developed stainless steel grooved grinding wheels to solve your efficiency problems.
1, Spindle power 6KW
2, grinding wheel specification 3A1 100X31.75X10X3
3, Grinding wheel size B107
4. Workpiece material, 30Cr13 stainless steel, hardness 52°
5. Line speed: 30 m/s, processing depth 0.6mm+0.5mm twice, processing speed 600, grinding wheel is not sharpened.
6. Sharp performance: the grinding is stable at 150W. After processing 70 bars (equivalent to the processing capacity of 200 knives from the customer), the fillet of the grinding wheel is changed from R0.05 to R0.10 after grooving

The processing efficiency of the grinding wheel is improved, and the durability of the grinding wheel is enhanced. If you have any questions, please contact me, the article is self-created, please contact me for reprinting, and offenders will be held accountable.

Post time: Dec-23-2022

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